Wine-Making at Zu Tschötsch Farm

A fascinating story

The facade of Tschötscherhof farm is covered in a magnificent vine that is approximately 100 years old, and it highlights the importance of wine-making in this magical place!

The first vines were planted 4 generations ago. Today, the wine is highly valued by guests and locals alike and it stands out due to its unique freshness and complexity - a characteristic that can be traced back to the mineral soils of volcanic origin and to the sun-bathed and high-altitude location on which it grows. The Weingertacker variety is situated at 750 metres above sea level, not far from Tschötscherhof.

Behind the popularity of Andreas' wines lies a sustainable and carefully designed management approach created with long-term success in mind.

An interesting side note: the name "Ruzzik" comes from the old name of a field located in St. Oswald and has become synonymous of a superb cuvée of white or red grapes.

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