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The Tschötscherhof can look back on an interesting past: Untertschötsch was first mentioned in a historical document in the year 1494, where it was referred to as "Ruzzik." It consisted of "a house with necessary walls, barn, stall, stabling, vegetable garden, six plots of land for 45 bushels of seed, barren pasture and 11 acres, forest and some pastureland, a meadow at Compatsch amounting to 9 acres, a meadow at Joch, also 9 acres and community forest rights."

The dwelling is built on a natural rock foundation – the big stone visible in the basement is evidence of this. In earlier centuries, the Gothic arch – now located inside the house – probably served as the entrance. Today's entrance bears the inscription "1855," and refers to the acquisition of the farmstead by Josef Jaiter, one of the great-great-great-grandfathers of the family which still owns it to this day. An old wooden door in the lower storey indicates that there was a tobacco shop at the Tschötscherhof many decades ago.

Both then and now, the farmstead's own agricultural operations – including the fruit orchard, the vegetable garden, and the livestock – were its life-blood. Further, wine was also made. Even before World War I, hikers could stop by at the Tschötscherhof and enjoy some hearty though simple fare and a glass of the farmstead's own wine. After World War I, a chestnut orchard and various fruit trees – including plum trees, greengages (a kind of plum), apple trees, quince trees, pear trees, cherry trees, nut trees, and medlars – were also planted.

The Farmers Museum at the Tschötscherhof (which your hosts founded and operate) provides insights in the traditional farming methods and folkways of this area.


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