Farmers museum

"What God has given us to care for,
We will honor and protect."

On the initiative of the hotel operator and manager, the Farmers Museum at the Tschötscherhof was created approx. ten years ago. He had recognized that the old farm equipment was not only evidence of the history of work and life on the farm, but would also generate a lot of interest. That's why he decided to set up a museum in the former stables. With the cooperation of the Museum Association of Kastelruth and several neighbors and friends for whom the preservation of these traditions were important, it was expanded to include exhibits on "faith."

The various objects and customs collected over the centuries give insights in the daily life and mental world of the ancestors of the farmers of Kastelruth. All of the individual exhibits combine to form a cohesive whole and provide vivid impressions of the lives of the people of days long past.

Each year, on the International Day of the Museum, special events at which craftsmen demonstrate their crafts are held. And there are culinary treats from yesteryear to be sampled, too.

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Open: Daily – except Wednesday – from early-March to mid-November, from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. Free admission. Voluntary donations for the benefit of the Farmer's Emergency Fund.
Guided tours, upon request.



...and when I'm there, I'll absorb the inspirational peace and quiet...



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Farmers museum

"What God has given us to care for, We will honor and protect."



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